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I’m so excited to have launched my new FitGo bag on Amazon! It was an idea that I made a reality within just 6 months, it is true that you can do anything you put your mind to.

One of the biggest struggles all my clients have is how to stay healthy while traveling. Then the pandemic hit and going to gyms became a problem as well. Problem solved! I designed FitGo, a lightweight and stylish bag with all the equipment you need for a full-body workout!

Now you can work out anywhere at any time! No excuses ever again. Best of all, our YouTube channel provides FREE workouts every week!

Click here to learn more about this great package, and keep yourself healthy. 🙂

How can I help you reach your goals?

Personal Training

Let’s get moving! I can come to your house, office or meet at a local park or track.

No equipment? No problem! I will bring everything you need, free weights, kettlebells, Bosu, boxing gloves and so much more.

No, we don’t need big gym machines. We will build lean muscle, lose weight, increase endurance and bone density using your own body weight.

We will set realistic goals based on your unique needs and design a variety of fun, challenging workouts to keep you engaged and motivated.  More importantly, I am there every step of the way, accountability is key! 

Corporate Wellness

The benefits of corporate wellness programs extend beyond physical health. Companies who implement them see fewer instances of absent workers as well as increased productivity and employee retention. By creating a culture of health, employees encourage positive habits in their peers and improve the entire organization.

As a part of my program, I run step and weight loss challenges and send emails and text messages to the employees personally not just as a group.  I teach “lunch and learn” sessions on a variety of topics, organize group walks and runs as well as teach fitness classes right in the office.

Online 1-on-1

I offer training sessions using your phone, tablet or computer.

Don’t worry, you will get the full private-session experience. I won’t go easy on you and trust me you will get a full body workout. 

You can be anywhere in the world as long as you get service for your device.  Perfect for the business traveler or anyone outside of my local travel range.  It’s the perfect way to stay on track while visiting friends, family or on vacation. 

You will get the same results as our face-to-face sessions and I will help you break all your belief barriers in health and fitness! 

Megan explains Breaking Belief Barriers


“Megan was our Health and Wellness coach and provided help in managing a step challenge for our staff across the entire organization.  She did an excellent job supporting our staff in accomplishing their health and fitness goals.  She spoke at our leadership conference and energized everyone with her passion and was always accessible to anyone who had a question or need.  Her positive caring attitude helped to keep us all on track.  Our office loved working with Megan and we will be starting another program shortly.” – Rob Reid, President & CEO, Access Services

“Megan was our office’s Health and Fitness coach.  Her passion for exercise and health is infectious.  She is extremely knowledgeable about diet and exercise physiology and is constantly switching things up.  Her motivational texts and positive attitude are awesome and really help to keep you on track.  She also helps you navigate what food works for you and those that do not.  When working with Megan you are more than just a client, you are a friend.  Our office loved her and will continue to utilize her services.” – Cary Rodriguez, Office Manager, Morgan & Akins, PLLC

“I used to be very active but over the years stopped exercising and gained 20 pounds. Luckily, I found Megan and started working out with her on a regular basis. I have lost all the weight and toned up significantly. I recently went to the doctor and all of my bloodwork came back normal and I am no longer considered at risk for diabetes! I could never have done it without Megan’s help and encouragement.”  – Jennifer

“When I first met Megan after my second child I was depressed, overweight and unable to walk back from the mailbox or up the stairs without getting out of breath. Megan took the time to get to know me, understand what I wanted to achieve and has been by my side step-by-step all the way. Just over a year later I have lost over 60lbs, have run two 5Ks and I am going to run my first half marathon later this year. Working out with Megan has been fun and inspiring, thanks to her I am a healthier, fitter, more confident person who can chase my kids around the garden without running out of breath! Thank you Megan!” – Fiona

“I was a typical corporate professional; working around the clock, eating whatever was available, traveling and not exercising consistently (and mom of a 7 and 8 year old). From the start, Megan would discuss running in a 5K and I would quickly dismiss it. She persisted and persisted and persisted in a very creative way.  Fast forward to today, I’ve already completed a 5K, 10K, and 10-mile race AND training for my first half marathon! Additionally, Megan served as a keynote speaker at my company and inspired colleagues from around the country!” – Kate

“I met Megan in law school 20 years ago and immediately knew she would be a positive force in my life. She has been training me for some time now and I can tell you that not only is she the driving force in pushing me to exercise, but she balances that zeal by treating me, as she does all her clients, in a truly caring fashion. Megan takes into consideration my personal needs and fitness goals and pushes me to exceed them. She knows exactly how to help me excel, while looking out for my safety by being keenly aware of my limitations. Megan also incorporates into each session humor and an overall good natured personality.” – Maria

“When I first met Megan I didn’t even know what my core was and I couldn’t balance on one foot for more than a couple of seconds. Now I am doing exercises that I used to think were impossible! I am truly a different person on the inside and out since I’ve been working with Megan, I feel a strength about my body that I’ve never felt before in my life and on the outside my clothes fit a lot better. What more can a woman ask for?” – Beth

“You are a part of my good fortune and have helped me to BREAK BELIEF BARRIERS!” – Amy

“Best decision ever! Megan got me on the rails with my health, not just with exercise but with what and how I eat. As a man in my mid 50s, I found it increasingly difficult to lose weight, healthily, on my own. With her guidance, I have lost 60 pounds, 8 inches at my waist and brought my blood pressure and cholesterol levels well under control.” – Drew

“I entered menopause with a positive outlook since fighting this inevitable stage in my life was pointless. I knew being held accountable to someone who could help one on one would be the right plan for me rather than going to a gym. Enter Megan. Her sensitive, understanding yet firm approach has helped me lose 30 pounds and 3 dress sizes. I have a new outlook and look thanks to her. Megan is truly an incredible trainer who listens & customizes the exercise routines to fit my lifestyle. Listen to her advice…you will be grateful for the outcome!” – Thea

About Megan

A certified health and fitness coach, personal trainer and keynote speaker, Megan has championed and inspired over 5,000 individuals and businesses, global through non-profit, to achieve a better life in health and fitness.

In addition, she has motivated a community of cancer survivors, diabetic and pre-diabetic individuals, post-surgical recovery patients, prenatal and postnatal women, corporate executives, overweight men and women and people suffering from severe anxiety and depression.

She has worked closely with people ranging in age from 16 to 86 on many topics such as lowering blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol through proper diet and exercise, boosting energy and immunity levels and an overall body transformation.

Megan has spent the last 22 years of her life as a health and fitness coach.  She began teaching group fitness classes while earning her Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice.  She continued on with her education to receive her Juris Doctor. She spent 10 years public speaking as an Assistant District Attorney in Philadelphia and as a Civil Attorney presenting at a multitude of large scale insurance seminars and trying hundreds of bench and jury trials.

Megan has designed the MLC Method based upon her strong belief in a sustainable plan to maintain health for a lifetime. #breakingbeliefbarriers

Video excerpt from a podcast about being active

Here is an interview with Megan on FOX 29 discussing the way MLCfitness works



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